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        •  How do I know my press on nails size?

        You can refer to our  “sizing and shapes guide” for detailed information. Nevertheless, if you are not sure about your size, feel free to contact us by email to find out what size to order.


        • How long do they last per wear?

        It is very different for each individual, Usually, it is 1-3 days for nail adhesive tabs and 1 to 3 weeks for nail glue.


        •   Does it look natural after attaching this? How is the fit?

        If you choose the correct size, our products will not only look natural like your real nails, but they are not uncomfortable at all.


        • I purchased it for the first time, but the size is not fit me. Can I exchange it?

        Unfortunately, we do not accept returns. Please check the correct size before ordering.


        • Can it be reused? How many times is it possible?

        Yes, it is possible. However, Do not use nail acetone and nail remover. Our product is made of 100% gel and is a solid product made with the same processor as the manicure you get in the shop. It can be used for a long time if you take care when removing it.


        • Can I buy individual nails if I lose it or damage it?

        It is not possible to buy individual nails. However, if you don’t throw the leftover nails and either mix it with other nails or make the nail standing out by buying accent nails, you can re-use it in a variety of styles.


        • I don't like the design after purchase. Can it be exchanged?

        Unfortunately, we do not accept returns. We try to provide as detailed information as possible. Please check the product information carefully before making a decision.